Who we are

We’re Stephanie and Rachel, an illustrator and writer duo. We collaborate from across the country in New York and California, mostly via text. Usually Rachel starts by sending Stephanie a list of ideas, some with very poorly drawn stick figures and some with just words. Then Stephanie picks out one that strikes her and illustrates it, often adding new dimensions and twists to the meaning.

our comics

Basically we’re not perfect (surprise). Sometimes we get stressed when we open our inboxes and then we unfairly take it out on our partners. Sometimes we impulse buy things we see on Instagram ads. Sometimes we’re insecure about...lots of stuff...read our comics lol.

Rather than denying these imperfections, we aim to acknowledge them, chuckle for a moment, and wonder (without judgement!) at our funny human brains. 

When we do this, we can stop stressing about being perfect. We’re kinder, to ourselves and others. We can focus more on how we bring our particular magic into the world. We hope you’ll join!



is a startup founder in San Francisco. She really loves sleeping.


is an illustrator in NYC. She wears a black glove when she draws which makes her look like a murderer.