Thanks for Not Judging Me

For you: a poem written in your words. Every line of this poem is taken directly from comments on our instagram and remixed to capture some of the sentiments we share with you!

Thanks for Not Judging Me

This is a mood:
I am gobsmacked
A devil for a cream cake
Indulging is so amazing in the moment
Serotonin starts pumping
On a high
😂and I’m
Letting go.

Thanks for not judging me. 🦖

This is a mood:
New Bumble profile pic? ✨
Hot, carefree superwomen
At the same time not intimidating.
New Bumble profile pic:
Hot, carefree
I’m totally guilty of this.
Then the bloating comes 😒😝🤔
This 😤

I wonder if people ever like me or if it is all a big prank.

(Why are we like this? 🤔💚)
(The mind can be so cruel. 🙌🏻🖤)

Hot, carefree superwomen
Andie swimwear.
Glossier boy brow.
Mahabi fucking slippers!
But not intimidating
Away suitcase
I don’t even travel that much but i want it 🙃
Mejuri jewelry anyone?
Beyond yoga leggings
Everlane shoes. Mansur Gavriel bag. Casper mattress.

Then trolls.
“Women can blame yourselves for men wanting to have a sex robot instead”

Wtf is this shit
Wow this is heartbreaking

Women can blame...
A so called progressive first world nation?
A cream cake?
Beyond yoga leggings?
Everlane shoes? Mansur Gavriel bag? Casper mattress?
Hot, carefree superwomen?
The pangs of self doubt?
The bloating.
Draconian restrictions of personal freedom.
...for men wanting to have a sex robot instead

This 😤 but I also lol’d
Haaaaa. Hahah
Too real
Pretty much sums it up. 🙈

Women can blame
The pangs of self doubt.
Highly invasive species.

I wonder if people ever like me or if it is all a big prank.


How do you stop feeling like this?

Honesty is a first step.

I’m totally guilty of this
Mejuri jewelry anyone?
Hot, carefree
I’m totally guilty of this.

See? Simple.
So honest and universal
The pangs of self doubt fade
Thanks for not judging me. 🦖

Ladies, you are amazing
I love your style
This honesty is a good first step
The pangs of self doubt fade
This is revolutionary work

The old me can't come to the phone right now. She's dead.

This is a mood:
Intuition for the win. 🍰
If I can genuinely say I love myself and live my life accordingly...
Crazy indeed! 🙌 Hahaha

Keep it up kween.

If ordering lunch were considered important work


Recently a friend of mine, a woman who is an executive at a large national company, was telling me about the pressure she feels to come up with a dinner plan on evenings when her husband is home. We’re early 30’s, recently married, and navigating the gender dynamics that we thought didn’t exist until we turned 22 and entered the workforce bold and shocked. My friend said that on nights when it’s just her, she’d be happy to make a veggie burger and a fried egg. But when he’s around, that doesn’t feel like a real meal, you know?

She mentioned this phenomenon to her husband recently, and he was alarmed. You, empowered woman, feel responsible for dinner? I, modern feminist husband, am somehow projecting that I must be considered and fed a real meal? Of course that wasn’t his intention. Of course, that wasn’t her idea of what married life would entail. And yet, here we all are, modern feminist millennials falling inadvertently and obediently into our gender roles.

This comic is about that. It’s not as simple as placing blame, as saying: the men expect the woman in the room to order the lunch (though of course that is sometimes true). But in my experience, more than that, it’s that after decades, centuries of women being responsible for food, many of us have got it in our minds that that’s our role, to make sure the meal happens and is good. For me it goes even further: if my team eats a lunch that I didn’t plan, and they don’t like it, I feel guilty and responsible. Crazy, right?

I actually go back and forth on whether this is positive or negative. On the one hand, of course I don’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of every meal. On the other hand, if I feel like I’m bringing value by taking charge of a meal, by making it great, then maybe I could lean in to that as well? Maybe I could consider that a substantial contribution to the work, whatever that work is?

It seems like the big ask is not that I never order lunch, or that I’m not responsible for dinner, but that when I do step in and feed you (no matter who I am or who you are), that this act is appreciated as an important act, one that fuels us all and is fundamental to any other endeavors.

What would the world look like if we restored dignity and value to the act of taking care of everyone’s lunch, if we considered that some of the most important work there is?